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  • Setting realistic customer expectations. Not to meet them but exceed them.

  • There are 101 ways to bake a perfect cake. We help you choose the best one.

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When a flame breathes its last, the final speck of crippling hope it has is the glowing coal that remains. We at Ember, are your glowing coal. Your last speck of hope. Your knight in shining armor! You have a problem? Our creative arsenal is at your disposal! Whether it’s a social media marketer, a web developer, an IT consultant or a logo designer. You name it and we have got it! Ember is a digital services oriented platform where both the maestro and the amateur come together, not only to evince their individual talents but to cater satisfactorily to the digital needs of its clients while maintaining its unique flair of creativity. Because at Ember it is not business as usual. We inspire solutions that lie beyond the ordinary. At Ember, it is business above and beyond. It is where innovation meets invention.

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Digital Branding

Digital branding plays a key role in making your brand ‘look good.’

Imagine walking in a store whose door creaks every time you open or close it, whose window panes are broken and the shelves are laced with dirt.

Would you like to buy something from there?

In the same way if your website looks outdated, its logo is old fashioned or the product details are not updated the user will be forced to press the back button.

Our job is to stop that from happening!

Our branding techniques will revamp your digital appearance while maintaining the true essence of the organization.

At Ember, we are as obsessed with E-commerce as you are.

‘Shopping online’ is not only convenient due to around the clock availability and easy payments but also is an equally exciting experience for the customers.

We create complex yet functional web-based solutions that actually amass bigger sales and propel your business into success.

Besides the basic site development, services like online payment optimization, shopping cart coding and general security encryption is also integrated in the package.

With the increasing need for an impressive online presence we understand the complexities and hurdles companies face when they jump onto the commerce bandwagon and we are here to help!
Graphic Design & Artwork

Just like a reader judges a book by its cover a customer judges a company by the level of creativity underlying its design and artwork.

At Ember innovation is our number one priority.   

We understand the strong visual representations graphics give to a business.

They stimulate people to be more drawn towards products and cultivate a sense of commitment and trust in the target audience.

The graphic gurus at Ember offer an array of design services including     logos, brochures and animated characters.

A great logo establishes a strong company image while brochures help boost advertisement and visibility.
Social Media Marketing

Let’s face it, social media is our life. Every photo on Instagram, every comment, every react to a post or a video acts like a drop in the ocean harboring valuable traffic and creating endless waves of customers.

Therefore, keeping the shorefront of social media updated is extremely important.

This is where we step in! With our creative services we keep the likes bar high and the comments rollin’!

Website Development

What the cover page is to a magazine, the web page is to a company.

When you run a business or sell a product the quality of your product is paramount.

But that is only half the battle.

Without an adequate online presence your product becomes like the one no one buys because there was never an ad for it on television and remains on the shelf regardless of how appealing its packing is.

We, at Ember, provide the necessary web development tools including data programming, content writing, web server configuration, e-commerce development, to name a few, so no product of yours remains on the shelf.
IT Services & Consultancy

IT consulting means to provide guidance to customers on the general IT processes while IT services is related to infrastructure management.

At Ember we provide both.

We will not only tell you what features to add to your product we will also tell you how to integrate or program these features.

We not only give you advice we also help you reach your goal.

Mobile Application Development

What is the first thing that we do when we wake up in the morning before we even step out of bed or brush our teeth?

Check our phones, right?

That is the importance of mobile technology in our lives today.

At Ember, our tech mavericks develop smart mobile applications that vastly improve the company’s accessibility and visibility.

We connect companies to on-the-go consumers, keeping them updated with new products, investments and launches.

We ensure that your customers carry your business wherever they go!



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